czwartek, 29 maja 2014


                                               Guests from Ukraine
On 04th April we had special guests from Ukraine . They were with us for 2 days. We were talking about handball in Poland and Ukraine and we compared both handball systems. Handball in Ukraine can become extinct. We were very embarrassed and we were stammering during conversation, but after 10 minutes one of the guest said "I'm speaking Polish language". So we didn't have problem with questions and answers , but finally approached the moment in which we had to split up.       
Maybe in the future you will hear about the fantastic "trio" from Ukraine :
Vlad Parovinchak, Dima Porva and Andrey Chikinya. 

wtorek, 11 marca 2014


On 20th December in our class there was Christmas Eve. As the event requires everyone wore formally. Before we sat to the table we had shared the wafer. Then the teacher with the help of our 2 friends "cooked" red barscht. Also there was a suprise for our tutor. She received from us the statuette "The best teacher" and a Christmas card. We even sang Christmas carols and more. Dishes which we tasted were delicions. It was the best Christmas Eve.